Meet the chef

Chef Craig

We're thrilled to introduce Craig! He's our head chef, GM, and all-around leader of the team here at the Cadillac Grill.

Craig got his start early in life as an aspiring chef. At 10 years old, he cracked his first egg. By 14, he was working at Mr. Don's. And by 16, he was working at Chi-Chi's—learning the serving side of things while he was still learning how to cook.

But that's not all! In his free time, Craig likes spending time with his wife Megan; listening to Dave Mathews and other talented musicians; and escaping into gaming world!


Megan is from down the road in Big Rapids, and she's been teaching 4th grade in Big Rapids and has been with the school for 15 years. She also helps Craig at the Grill when she can. Megan loves watching her son Braedan play soccer here in Cadillac, and she enjoys the beautiful sunsets over the lake. They have two chocolate labs and six cats—and lots of house plants!

You've probably talked to Megan if you've been in lately—she loves chatting with guests and getting to know people in the Cadillac community!

Breanne is a Grand Rapids native, born and raised in the restaurant industry. Her family owned and operated The Great Lakes Shipping Company, where she worked throughout her childhood as a server and bartender. Now she's bringing her passion for customer service to the Grill, where she's excited to help with events, management, operations, and marketing.

When she isn't working at The Grill or studying for her master's degree in accounting, Breanne spends time with her three amazing kids and traveling. She loves hanging out with friends and exploring new places!